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Featured Poem: Festive Selection Part 2

Written by The Reader, 26th December 2011

It's Boxing Day and by now we're all probably stuffed with turkey, mince pies, pigs-in-blankets, turkey, Christmas pudding and more turkey. Surely there's not enough room for anything from a selection box; well, at least not of the edible kind. Instead why not savour something from our second seasonal poetry selection: it has everything from snow scenes, strange  and sensational pantomimes to several songs for the New Year. There's nothing much on telly anyway so why not have a read instead?

Woods in Winter – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Many of us might have indulged a little too much to feel like moving from the comfort of the sofa but a bracing walk in a winter wonderland has its upsides too – even with ‘chill airs and wintry winds’ there’s still goodness to be found…

The Sleigh-Bells – Susanna Moodie

It’s a little late for Santa’s sleigh now but this conjures up gorgeous images of dashing through the snow (if there is any) – surely it’s the only way to ride…

Snow – Archibald Lampman

The white stuff that falls from the sky divides opinion – some rejoice to see it, others pray it will go away swiftly. Whether or not it’s been a white Christmas, this poem provides a very pretty poetic picture.

Behold, as Goblins Dark of Mien – Robert Louis Stevenson

Pantomimes are part and parcel of a traditional British Christmas; this one is slightly dark in tone but fear not – its goblins are tempered with Fairy Queens…

The Sorcerer’s Song – W.S. Gilbert

What is the Christmas season if not filled with magic? And there’s tons of it here…

The Palace of Humbug – Lewis Carroll

If you’re rather tired of endless Christmas parties then you may be amused to read this poem. Humbug isn’t just the domain of Ebenezer Scrooge…

One Year Ago – jots what? – Emily Dickinson

Twelve months seems like a lot but really, it goes really quite rapidly indeed – as Emily Dickinson observes.

New Year’s Chimes – Francis Thompson

This poem is a veritable feast for the senses with all its superb sights and singing sounds. There’s no better way to close the year and see in the new one with a song – or indeed “with a million songs as song of one.”

A Song for New Year's Eve – William Cullen Bryant

Keeping on the musical theme – a merry way to welcome the New Year. “The good old year is with the past; Oh be the new as kind!”

Song of Hope – Thomas Hardy

All of us go into a New Year with renewed hope for the future. This poem by Hardy sings out with hope for a tomorrow with a hope that is gleaming “dimmed by no gray”. Surely the best outlook to approach 2012.

2 thoughts on “Featured Poem: Festive Selection Part 2

louise says:

errr! Perhaps you should have writtten the majority of people have stuffed themselves as I have done no such thing !! (just been shining my halo )as I have great willpower makes me sound like a superhero (NOT) also got a big head
I have constant arguements between my Angelic self wether to eat something sweet or my devil self who tells me “one wont hurt you ”
MY Angelic self tends to win unless the biscuit / sweet is broken or by its self as would not like it to be in a tin by itself although if I am honest I found 3 celebrations by themselves and did keep putting my finger in some cream !! it was CHRISTMAS
I must be honest and say have not read any of the poems I get told alot I am to honest for my own good UMM bit heavy for this time of night |( NOTSLEEPING AGAIN}
umm Before christmas i thought to myself well to busy to sit and read poetry! and now the festive season is nearly over (yey )and dont want to think about christmas although if i do not feel like sleeping soon I may read one or two! to remind myself it is over for nearly another 12 months although cards etc tend to appear in late summer !
I am glad to see all,this is nearly over as is agreat strain hearing constantly “ITS christmas you must be nice actually may be better if we were nice to each other all year round, then christmas would not be a strain !! (pretendingto be nice)

umm may go and get myself another drink I may not have indulged in much food but never mentioned the liquid stuff , maybe we should call it a draw between the Devil and the Angel
hic happy hic new hic year

Jen says:

Well done Louise on not over indulging. I, on the other hand, have done far too much eating and am on the vegetable, pulses and porridge for a few weeks now! Hope your angelic self is winning today too 🙂 Happy 2012!

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