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Featured Poem: George Moses Horton, Myself by George Moses Horton

Written by Francesca Dolan, 7th February 2022

Today's Featured Poem is 'George Moses Horton, Myself' by George Moses Horton, read by The Reader's Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Lisa Spurgin.

George Moses Horton, Myself

I feel myself in need

   Of the inspiring strains of ancient lore,
My heart to lift, my empty mind to feed,
   And all the world explore.
I know that I am old
   And never can recover what is past,
But for the future may some light unfold
   And soar from ages blast.
I feel resolved to try,
   My wish to prove, my calling to pursue,
Or mount up from the earth into the sky,
   To show what Heaven can do.
My genius from a boy,
   Has fluttered like a bird within my heart;
But could not thus confined her powers employ,
   Impatient to depart.
She like a restless bird,
   Would spread her wing, her power to be unfurl’d,
And let her songs be loudly heard,

And dart from world to world.

George Moses Horton

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