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Featured Poem: My Bed is a Boat by Robert Louis Stevenson

Written by The Reader, 13th August 2018

You can't attack every Monday with zest and zeal, and this morning's grey skies have us feeling a little sluggish. So as we ease into this new week we thought a gentle, lullaby-like poem might be in order, and this by Robert Louis Stevenson from The Penguin Book of Victorian Verse is just the ticket.

My Bed is a Boat 

My bed is like a little boat;
Nurse helps me in when I embark;
She girds me in my sailor’s coat
And starts me in the dark.  

At night I go on board and say
Good-night to all my friends on shore;
I shut my eyes and sail away
And see and hear no more.

And sometimes things to bed I take,
As prudent sailors have to do;
Perhaps a slice of wedding-cake,
Perhaps a toy or two.

All night across the dark we steer;
But when the day returns at last,
Safe in my room beside the pier,
I find my vessel fast.

by Robert Louis Stevenson

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