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FLOW – Free Word Festival

Written by Claire Speer, 22nd September 2010

The Free Word centre, a London-based international centre for literature, literacy and free expression, launched its annual FLOW last week. Running until Tuesday 5th October, the festival features internationally acclaimed writers, prize winning authors, clowning and performance poetry.

Free Word prides itself on the bringing together of various creative organisations in a collaborative and dynamic fashion, so it is no surprise that FLOW encompasses the same ethos. ‘Banned Books’, ‘The Human Crossword’, ‘Haikus and Crackers’ and ‘Voices from Panjab’, are just some examples of the variety of talks, workshops and seminars on offer, whilst the Year of Biodiversity, International Translation Day and Children’s Book Week are all celebrated with a series of tie-in events.

For more information, and to see all of  the workshops that will be available throughout the festival, visit

1 thoughts on “FLOW – Free Word Festival

Greetings on International Translation Day!

The Free Word event looks like an interesting day, and I might try to get along – work allowing. I like their idea of a translation “slam”: an innovative and interesting way of exploring very real issues.

It’s great that the theme of this year’s International Translation Day celebrates the incredible diversity of language around the globe, and promotes ever-increasing scientific and cultural cooperation. Not only that, but it seems to have garnered a lot of interest this year – which is even better!

Here in London there are several events organised. As part of this year’s celebrations, you might also be interested in our International Translation Day e-card, produced to mark the day and the contribution of translators around the globe.

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