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Frank Cottrell Boyce wows audience at Croxteth Community Library

Written by Charlotte Murray, 11th May 2011

On Tuesday 10th May, award-winning author Frank Cottrell Boyce visited Croxteth Community Library to talk about and read from his new book, The Unforgotten Coat, written exclusively for Our Read. Attended by over 100 local schoolchildren from both primary and secondary schools, and a number of people working in the Communiversity building, the event was a resounding success and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We had some great questions from the audience (many of the schoolchildren were as prepared as Paxman!), ranging from why Frank decided to become an author and what inspired him to write The Unforgotten Coat, to slightly more probing questions, such as his age!

Brian Spurgin, a volunteer at Croxteth Community Library, said,

“We know that Frank has a special gift for the written word but he also knows how to woo an audience.  He read a couple of passages from The Unforgotten Coat & a few pages from his personal edition of Cosmic.  The Q & A session was excellent - it was scheduled to last about 20 minutes but there were that many questions it went on for double the allotted time.”

Thanks to Frank for being part of such a memorable day for everyone at Croxteth Community Library.

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