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Have A Good Week

Written by The Reader, 19th June 2012

The above sentiment is something that we wish our readers every week, but this week it's especially pertinent as it is indeed A Good Week - A Global Celebration of Good happening amongst people, places and communities all across the world.

Running from 18th-24th June, A Good Week is a collaborative celebration, led by social innovation agency A Very Good Company, with the aim of shining a spotlight on the good acts that are being done by individuals and organisations on a daily basis. During seven supercharged days, everyone is encouraged to shout about the good things they're carrying out, and gather together to work towards the goals of Feeling Good, Doing Good and Living Good.

According to the A Good Week website, to Live Good is to live well - being healthy, active and living in a way that doesn't jeopardise the happiness of others. If you can get to the end of the week with a feeling of self-fulfilment, you know that you have lived Good. Every week of the year, the act of shared reading contributes to increasing the personal wellbeing of many people, as well as making those around them feel good too. Our 329 Get Into Reading groups that currently run across the country provide hundreds upon hundreds with an hour and a half of shared reading and shared happiness, gathering people to read aloud, relax and make connections. For many, their Get Into Reading group gives them a regular lift that they might not get elsewhere - certainly a lot to feel Good about.

You can Feel Good, Do Good and help yourself and others to Live Good right now by picking up a book and reading aloud - use shared reading to give someone close to you the feelgood factor! Any book will do, but we'd specially recommend A Little, Aloud for Children, which includes a brilliant and varied selection of stories and poems that cannot fail to make you feel really good.

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