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Inspire a Child, Be a Reading Hero

Written by Sinead Nunes, 27th February 2020

Reading Heroes is central to our Shared Reading Revolution. Each week, dozens of volunteers read with looked-after children; either one-to-one, or in small groups. Our work with these children spans the whole of Liverpool, and we're always on the lookout for more heroes to join the team! Here's a personal story from Phill, a longstanding volunteer and Reading Hero:

"I have been reading with nine-year-old Liam for 14 weeks now. The change in him has been nothing short of amazing. He is always happy to read aloud for me and I read more complicated stories to him. He's recently discovered Roald Dahl and looks forward to his weird and wonderful tales each week. Yesterday, he was disappointed when we finished George’s Marvellous Medicine! We discuss the stories each week and he seems to enjoy this. A few weeks ago I introduced him to poetry, and he's since written two poems completely unaided. He even went on to show the poems to his teacher at school. Each week is always a very positive experience for both of us. I always praise his efforts and tell him that he should be very proud of everything he has accomplished. He always seems to look forward to my visits, as do I!"

Below, two poems written by Liam:

My Holiday

I am going to fly
On a plane to Dubai
For a great holiday.

And I am going to
stay by a railway
On my birthday.

I am going to run in the sea
And I am going to feel free.

I am in the football team 

At the team
I had a dream,
To kick a ball
At a wall
To bounce in to the net -
A trophy I will surely get.

All volunteers receive full training and ongoing support from The Reader. If you love reading and can spare around an hour a week, get in touch to work with us, be emailing

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