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Links We Liked for 18 June, 2008

Written by Chris Routledge, 18th June 2008

Some links from way back when. I apologise for these being so old, but I've been too busy reading philosopher John Perry on Structured Procrastination:

At the end of May LA Weekly featured a piece by John Banville on Georges Simenon. The Neglected Books Page followed up with a characteristically detailed recommendation of Simenons to get started.

My daughter has recently become a fan of Flat Stanley and I've enjoyed being reacquainted with it too. So I was delighted to come across this post by Janice Harayda of One-Minute Book Reviews. Read the comments on the post for a fascinating discussion of a game involving paper 'flat Stanleys' and long-distance travel. This reminds me of the 'Where's George?' caper that was popular in the US a few years ago.

The highbrow but friendly blog The Valve is reading Adam Bede this summer and the debate looks promising already (rule number three for the discussion is "It’s summer: let’s have fun and not be snarky.") This novel is one of the five shortlisted in our Classics on Richard and Judy campaign and isn't getting much love. Well, none actually. If you haven't voted yet, go to it.

And finally the previously mentioned FeedBooks has a service for converting RSS feeds into pdfs for downloading to eBook readers or even printing out. Click on the button below to download this blog as a beautiful paginated pdf (for future reference the same button is also at the bottom of the sidebar on the left):


Posted by Chris Routledge

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