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Live Stream: A Hymn – After Reading ‘Lead, Kindly Light’ by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Written by Rachael Norris, 6th October 2020

For today's Shared Reading live stream, PIPES Reader Leader, Emily, reads Lead, Kindly Light by Paul Laurence Dunbar. Check out the rest of our readings for Black History Month and download our calendar here.

A Hymn – After Reading ‘Lead, Kindly Light’

Lead gently, Lord, and slow,
For oh, my steps are weak,
And ever as I go,
Some soothing sentence speak;That I may turn my face
Through doubt's obscurity
Toward thine abiding-place,
E'en tho' I cannot see.

For lo, the way is dark;
Through mist and cloud I grope,
Save for that fitful spark,
The little flame of hope.

Lead gently, Lord, and slow,
For fear that I may fall;
I know not where to go
Unless I hear thy call.

My fainting soul doth yearn
For thy green hills afar;
So let thy mercy burn--
My greater, guiding star!

Paul Laurence Dunbar



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