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Live Stream: I am the Seed That Grew the Tree collected by Fiona Waters

Written by Rachael Norris, 27th April 2021
In today's Shared Reading live stream we are reading from I am the Seed That Grew the Tree collected by Fiona Waters with Storybarn Digital Coordinator, Grace Gallagher.  As April is both National Poetry Month and Stress Awareness Month, the readings we have chosen to share this month all meet the theme of 'balm for the soul'. We hope you'll think about sharing these poems with someone who might need them today.
The Snail's Monologue
Shall I dwell in my shell?
Shall I not dwell in my shell?
Dwell in shell?
Rather not dwell?
Shall I not dwell,
shall I dwell,
dwell in shell
shall I shell,
shallIshellIshallIshellIshallI …
(The snail gets so entangled
in his thoughts, or rather,
the thoughts run away with him
so that he must post-pone
the decision.)
by Christian Morgenstern
Think Of It
The first shudder of damp
That somehow signalled
All was ready
In the deep inside the earth
In the muted underneath of winter
Spring began
Not with a sudden trumpet of green
Or a sky of confetti blossoms
But with a seed
Small, pale and barely breathing
It lay quietly
Waiting for the lavender clouds
That carry the first warm rains
For some reason as ancient and
Everyday as the sun itself
The seed cracked
Split and softly burst into
A faint tendril
A root a sprout
A thin wisp of a growing thing
With no thought of stopping
It pushed through the
Dark soil with the force of
A billion winter winds
Until it
Pierced the crust of the outside and
Split the frozen armour of earth
Which has held spring safe
Since time began
by Zaro Weil

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