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New Horizons for Get Into Reading

Written by jen, 29th April 2009

Our ‘Get Into Reading' project has been singled-out by the Government as an example of best practice in helping improve public mental health and wellbeing.

The Department of Health presents ‘a new vision for mental health and wellbeing'.

‘New Horizons' is a new strategy that will promote good mental health and well-being, whilst improving services for people who have mental health problems. In devising this strategy, the Department of Health has recognised that there are services already in place, which aren't normally considered as mental health services, but which could help promote public mental health and wellbeing and prevent future problems. The Reader Organisation's pioneering social outreach project Get Into Reading was named as a specific example.

Jane Davis, Director, The Reader Organisation:

‘We're delighted to have been named as an example of good practice by the Department of Health. Get Into Reading is inclusive, creative and cost-effective. We bring great books to more than 500 people each week here on Merseyside. Through our Read to Lead training, we're helping to spread ‘shared reading' across the UK and beyond.'

The ‘New Horizons' strategy can be seen on the Department of Health's website.

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Tonight's your chance to listen to a repeat of Roger Phillips interview with Founder and Director of The Reader Organisation, Jane Davis,  on BBC Radio Merseyside. Tune in at 9pm to find out how The Reader Organisation came to be.

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