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Announcing an exciting new partnership with Oxford University Press

Written by The Reader, 13th October 2016

We're delighted to introduce our brand new partners, OUP!

We are very pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Oxford University Press who will be working with The Reader to build a core classics library and to get great literature into the hands of those who need it most.

Through this partnership Oxford University Press will be supporting The Reader's work to improve health and well-being, build resilience and increase social connectivity across diverse areas of life, including mental health and dementia, education and criminal justice settings. The Reader's team of trained staff and volunteers currently bring Shared Reading to 2,000 people per week, across a variety of settings including care homes, prisons, mental health wards, substance misuse centres, homeless shelters and schools.

p1040200"We are thrilled to be launching this partnership with Oxford University Press, one of the world's greatest publishing houses.

As Doris Lessing said in her Nobel prize acceptance speech 'the classics of literature are a treasure house of wisdom for humanity.' 

We are looking forward to seeing these great texts in the hands of readers for whom they may be a first-time experience and the beginning of a reading journey of a lifetime."

 Jane Davis, Founder and Director of The Reader

Here at The Reader we have always valued the impact great classic literature can have and with over 800 titles of classic literature, the Oxford World Classics list is ideal for our staff and volunteers when thinking about important titles to use in Shared Reading groups which have the potential to make a difference to people's lives.

The Oxford World's Classics series will become The Reader's go-to books for use in our pioneering Shared Reading groups which help people connect with a better understanding of themselves and others.

This partnership will also support OUP's mission to facilitate the widest possible sharing of high-quality research and scholarship, as Editorial Director of OUPSophie Goldsworthy explains:

"We're very excited to be forming a collaborative partnership with The Reader and to be making Oxford World Classics their house brand. There is a wonderful fit between our two organisations, in terms of education and dissemination, and the drive to put books into the hands of the people who most need them. 

The impact that classic literature can have in these Shared Reading scenarios is extraordinary: these books elicit very powerful responses, opening a meaningful space for discussion and giving people the words to share their own stories. Great books have the potential to change lives, and we're delighted to be playing a small part in helping The Reader in their transformative work." 

OUP have already begun their work to help us to build a library of classics, delivering a bumper order of 1300 books back in July, including titles from Rudyard KiplingCharles Dickens and George Eliot. While helpfully unloading the boxes some of our staff couldn't resist diving in to enjoy that new book smell and discover new titles for their reading lists or even rediscovering old favourites.

So we asked some of our colleagues to tell us about their favourite Oxford World's Classic... click on an image to see the full story:

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