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Parliamentary Get Into Reading?

Written by Lizzie Cain, 14th February 2013

A Parliamentary Committee has announced that MPs will now be entitled to access mental health treatment in Westminster,with doctors contracted at the House of Commons to provide secondary care.

A number of MPs were widely praised for a 'landmark' debate last year in which they admitted to struggling with issues such as  depression and anxiety in an effort to dispel the stigma attached to the 'taboo' subject of mental health. Even so, as public figures who often work closely with local healthcare commissioners, MPs can often feel uncomfortable about accessing services in their own constituencies.

They are certainly not alone - one in four British adults will experience mental health problems in any one year, something we're very aware of at The Reader Organisation. Our Get Into Reading groups are reaching out to people in community and inpatient settings across the UK, bringing them together through shared reading and improving wellbeing.

We've already been mentioned in Parliament once this week, thanks to Lord Alan Howarth, a supporter of our work, so how about a Parliamentary Get Into Reading Group? If any MPs are reading this, do get in touch - we'd love to bring the benefits of shared reading to Parliament!

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