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Penny Readings 2010

Written by The Reader, 15th November 2010

The Reader Organisation presents...

The Penny Readings
Sunday 5th December, 6.30pm-8pm
St George's Hall (St George's Place, Liverpool, L1  1 JJ)

Featuring readings from Frank Cottrell Boyce and A LITTLE, ALOUD's editor, Angela Macmillan, plus much more...

Janets Suzman and 'Somalifields' poets at 2008's Penny Readings

....and, for the FIRST TIME this year, an event for the children and young people of Merseyside:

The Ha'penny Readings
Sunday 5th December, 2.30pm-3.30pm
St George's Hall

With singing, dancing, readings from Frank Cottrell Boyce, craft with Daisy Dawes, and presents for those who attend. (All children must be accompanied by an adult.)

Tickets for both the Penny Readings and the Ha'penny Readings will be available from 9am Monday 22nd November.

Tickets and can be collected from either Birkenhead Central Library, Wirral (Borough Rd, Birkenhead, Merseyside CH41 2XB) or Waterstone’s Bold Street (Liverpool, L1 4DS), please pay your penny on the door!

**Due to high demand, tickets will be limited to two per person. Tickets will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis and cannot be reserved at either location, or via TRO**

2 thoughts on “Penny Readings 2010

I would have loved to have seen Mr Frank Cottrell Boyce ‘singing, dancing and laughing’ but I live just a little bit too far away in Birmingham.
If you are ever in the West Midlands or Birmingham, please let us know – they have a smashing Waterstones in Birmingham, which may be a listed building, so it is all the more worth travelling for!
I have never read anything by you but I attend a ‘Make Friends With A Book’ group and it is being read aloud together. I can honestly say that I have never come across a book that could be so funny and poignant at the same time – it is a very popular choice for our group as a first read aloud! It would be great to hear you read your own work! Thank you for your time, Livvy(volunteer helper at MFWAB at Smethwick Library) Tel 07890 317479

Thank you very much for your kind words of support.

Frank Cottrell Boyce is a great friend to The Reader Organisation. He has written a book especially for TRO’s ‘Our Reads’ initiative. This will be launched in MArch 2011, on World Book Day so expect to see a lot of Frank at that time.


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