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Poetry in Motion

Written by The Reader, 22nd August 2011

That's a pre-run smile, not a post-run one!

Not quite content with running 5K (that's 3.1 miles, for those that prefer imperial), I've decided that I'm going to read my way around the Liverpool Team Challenge course on 4th September. Yes, read aloud. It's what I'm calling 'Poetry in Motion' and I'm doing it to help raise money for our work reading with looked-after children.

But I need suggestions of things to read! Really it needs to be an anthology of poems so that I don't have loads of books or pieces of paper to carry (the first thing that springs to mind is Bloodaxe's brilliant anthology Staying Alive...) but I want any suggestions you have and I'll worry about the technicalities later.

You can donate on our CharityGiving page from now until 18th September. All proceeds are going straight towards our work with children in foster care.

(And keep your eyes peeled for the next TRO Fitness Diary...)

12 thoughts on “Poetry in Motion

Angie says:

As you are raising funds for reading with children I think some children’s poems would be more fun. What about Hilaire Belloc’s Cautionary Tales or Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes

Jen says:

That’s a good idea, Angie, thanks. I’m also thinking of Michael Rosen now: two of my favourite childhood poems were ‘Chocolate Cake’ and ‘Don’t Put Mustard in the Custard’. I had a practice run whilst reading last night and I can tell you that fun poems will definitely be better!

Colin says:

Chocolate Cake is a must!

Anna says:

What about some tongue twisters to really set a challenge?

Jen says:

Anna! That seems a bit unfair! Bouncing up and down whilst reading is hard enough… Perhaps I’ll pass the book over to you when there are some tricky lines to be read 😉

louise says:

mmmm ! not sure about this Jen I am not worried tomuch about you are reading but you are going to end up in the ROYAL as multitasking can be quite dangerous , believe me i know and you could walk into a LAMPOST , I AM SPEAKING AS SOMEONE WHO HAS DONE SUCH A THING (OUCH) but it is good publicity and it is your head so up to you to look afer it. I first read this a few hours ago and thought “UM I will do this in my flat away as no lamposts in my flat but am now siting here with a sore toe so if you are going to do this please dont read anything to exciting as you forget where you and yell OW OR WORDS TO THAT EFFECT

Jen says:

I too am a little worried about falling over but I’ll have the Reader Runner team around me, so hopefully they’ll clear the way. At least the roads will be closed off so I won’t need to worry about pelican crossings! Still not decided about what to read – got a week or so to decide – have you got any ideas?

Charlotte says:

I love this idea Jen – inspired! I also love Staying Alive – a brilliant anthology. I know it isn’t poetry, and so doesn’t really fit the criteria, but I was going to suggest that The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner might be more appropriate? Probably not quite as motivational though… Good Luck! xx

Mike says:

I suggested that but it’s not a goer apparently!

Jen says:

Well I’m just hoping that I’m not going to be alone!! It’s the Liverpool Team Challenge, after all 🙂

Vic says:

What about: An Anthology – American Sports Poems (1988), compiled by May Swenson and R. R. Knudson. Vic

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