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Read to Lead: Personal Stories

Written by stickyeyes, 12th August 2011

Following Norman Ross's account of his experience of our Read to Lead training, we take a look at another example of the professional and personal impact that the course has had on one of our trainees.

Gordon Carrick

Gordon Carrick is Learning Support Librarian at Maida Vale Library, Westminster. He attended the Read to Lead London Open Course in January 2011.

This course equipped me with the whole range of skills and, just as importantly, the confidence needed to run a shared reading group at Maida Vale Library. On a very practical level, I’m now better at reading aloud to children, something I do a lot of in my job as a librarian. In particular, in tune with the course mantra I now read more slowly, which reveals the delights of the story in a very immediate way. Most gratifyingly, the sense of accomplishment and purpose which I get from running my group has spilled over into a general increase in my job satisfaction. 

I have to say that the absolute best thing about the training was the wonderful atmosphere of mutual support and generosity, skilfully engendered by the trainers and embraced both  individually and collectively by the trainees. Everything fitted together in a perfect blend of theory and practice.

Visit our training pages to learn more about Read to Lead training, and to apply for a place on the special weekend Residential course coming up in September.

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