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Reading for Life: Masters Studies in Liverpool and London

Written by The Reader, 9th August 2017

Discover the Reading for Life MSc programme of study which is now open for new applications in Liverpool and London. 

"We were encouraged to believe in our own response – in its validity, but also in its leading to something deeper. Not to be satisfied with surface, but to give time and patience to the small things, the difficult things : ‘Difficulty will yield to attention’ according to one tutor, and that’s something I shall not forget."

Reading for Life MSc Student

Do you want to develop your understanding of the power and practical value of reading at the most significant level of personal involvement? Could you make an extended commitment to serious and extended weekly reading practice, combined with small group work and writing about your thinking ?

The Reader’s research partner, CRILS (Centre for Research in Reading, Literature and Society at the University of Liverpool) is now recruiting the next intake of students for its unique Masters Programme, Reading for Life MSc.

If you have already undertaken The Reader’s three day introductory course, Read to Lead, the Reading for Life MSc is a powerful way to deepen your own practice. If you haven’t yet done Read to Lead, or do not intend to run a Shared Reading group, you will gain valuable personal insight and intellectual challenge from this demanding, and highly rewarding, course.

Liverpool and London

'It's like it's the only real education I've ever had'

Reading for Life MSc student

CRILS offers this two-year Masters programme in both Liverpool (University of Liverpool, Thursday evening seminars 6pm till 8pm) and London (University of Liverpool in London, Finsbury Square, Wednesday afternoons, 3pm -5pm). It is also possible to take individual modules (flexible 12 week programme) in London.

More information

‘The most powerful feeling I had, was that I was in an atmosphere where I could be honest. I loved the notion that what was required was to be what we really all are – struggling thinkers. And that it was fine for the feeling to come first, and then to work things out from there.’

Reading for Life MSc student

Visit the CRILS website for more information or contact CRILS Director, Philip Davis:

Fees and bursaries

Liverpool fees are £2425 for year 1, rising in line with inflation in year 2

London £2600 for year 1, rising in line with inflation in year 2

CRILS has a limited number of small bursaries, kindly donated by the Patricia Routledge Charitable Trust, to offset some of the cost. Candidates at either location are free to apply on an individual basis.

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