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Reading in Liverpool Schools Evaluation: Reading and responding

Written by The Reader, 26th January 2012

One of the greatest things about reading - and specifically about shared reading aloud - is that it allows us to expand our ideas and thinking and over time, provides us with the confidence  to give voice to them. Having access to a wide range of different fictional viewpoints also encourages us to be more tolerant and considerate of the beliefs and viewpoints of others.

It's especially important that children are given the opportunity to express themselves openly, as well as respect and listen to those around them - and we've found that literature and shared reading sessions provide a particularly effective outlet for these things to happen. Quite spectacularly as a result of engaging in shared reading 89% of children in schools across Liverpool said that they were more confident discussing their ideas and opinions as a part of being in a group.

Even more encouraging is the fact that 96% of children agreed that they were more understanding towards the ideas and opinions of other people as a result of shared reading. Absolutely wonderful findings, showing that reading isn't just about academic education - but emotional development too.

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