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Ready, Set, Go! … A Little, Aloud for Children in the ‘Book Relay’

Written by The Reader, 20th July 2012

Last week, A Little, Aloud for Children was spotted in Monmouthshire doing a bit of Olympic-style relay-running, as it was transported around the area in South Wales as part of Monmouthshire Libraries' 'Book Relay'. As these pictures display, the book had lots of friendly supporters to help it on it's way, and some rather intimidating obstacles to overcome! Good to know that each picture can be related to one of the themes from the book, though...

The book begins it's voyage: 'Sailing Away'...

This lot are definitely 'Angels' on bikes:

'Be On Your Guard' around this guy ... He's definitely spotted the attractive red front cover!

... and ending-up with some rather 'Charming Creatures'.

Phew! What an adventure the book has been on in Wales. Have you been up to anything exciting or unusual with your copy of A Little, Aloud for Children? Read it in any surprising places? Send us your photos - email

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