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Recommended Reads: Stardust

Written by The Reader, 14th March 2012

This week's Recommended Read comes from Vikkie, who joined us for work experience a couple of weeks ago and has been enjoying Neil Gaiman's magical Stardust. This recommendation also features in the new issue of Reader Fever, The Reader Organisation's Young Person's Newsletter, posted here on the blog yesterday.

I like Stardust because it’s like reading about two different worlds. The village of Wall is in one world, the human world, and it lies near a stone wall that is the border with another world, the magical kingdom of Stormhold.

The main character is called Tristan, his dad went over the wall when he shouldn’t have done, and he fell in love with a woman who was a slave to a witch. The woman was the daughter of the King of Stormhold. When the King of Stormhold died, all of his sons had to compete to be the last man standing to be the new King.

The story is about what happens when Tristan goes over the wall, and how he faces true love

I liked reading this story because the language and the story was old fashioned and it was magical as well, it had heart eating witches and stars, and you will find out when you read it!

After I had read the book I watched the film, I would recommend watching the film because it’s a really good version of the book.

Stardust, Neil Gaiman, Harper Collins (1998/2006)

1 thought on “Recommended Reads: Stardust

Cassie says:

I love him, I’m not sure why I haven’t started reading this yet. BAH! Plus, it’s a Harper book which I love as well. Thanks for reminding me.

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