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Santa Dash: Training Update #2

Written by The Reader, 30th November 2011

There really isn't long to go now until the Santa Dash, so things are definitely stepping up several gears. Our Dashers are now in possession of their respective red and blue suits (I think you'll agree that they look rather dashing - pun intended in the hope that they'll gain some extra speed along the way) and rivalries are very much in effect...(now, now - we're all on the same team. But some healthy competition can't hurt...or at least we hope it doesn't - we can't risk the injuries)

Scrapping Santas (calm down, calm down...)

We've already heard from the Blue team; now it's time to get a report from the Reds - in particular, from our receptionist Michelle, who tells us how she got involved - or was slightly coerced - into joining the TRO Santa Dash crew and how her training is coming along...

The first day of a new job is usually very nerve wracking. You’re in a new environment and subject to polite interrogation by your new, subtly intimidating, colleagues. The best thing you can do in my book is keep your head down and pray that your subordinates go light on the runt.

Not in my case….

I sat shy and hunched, squirming in my swivel chair, trying to come across as aloof and as comfortable as possible. The office was full and everyone was busy, tapping away on their keyboards.

"Do you run?"

The tapping ceased and everyone peeped up. The question came from Niall, I recognised him from my informal interview day. He had shoulder length hair at the time; today it was shaven.

Great - I’m being ostracised by the office yob already.

"Do you run?" he repeated. I was miffed. "Erm...sometimes", I lied.

"Great, do you want to run the Santa Dash then?"

And that was how it started. That is how I had my arm twisted up my ‘too new to say no’ back...!

I worked quietly throughout my first week and a half, hoping that no-one would remember my agreement. I’m terrible at running - think Phoebe from Friends crossed with an over fed sausage dog. However that irksome fundraiser Niall was right on my case.

Hence, I have started a rebellious training programme to gear me up for the 5k run. I’ve heard Boost bars are full of glucose so I’ve been feasting on the energizing delights, plus an extra layer of fat is sure to help me through that freezing, December morning. ‘What physical training have you under gone?’ I hear you say….well, I’m yet to put my feet to gravel; however, I have been getting lots of tips from watching Usain Bolt clips on YouTube.

The Santa suit is another thing which worries me slightly. My boyfriend Jack ran the Santa Dash a few years ago and his Santa Claus pants fell down during the race. Now that would be enough to put you off your Weetabix if that happens to me!

Anyway, I’ve devised a cunning plan with the help of our Business Manager, Zoe Gilling. She’s going to bring her two little elves and we’ll push them around the course in their prams. A race I can walk - ho ho ho!

Much more in keeping with the festive spirit

Although the Santa Dash is a great chance for people to have fun and jog off the previous night’s hangover, the real cause behind it is the fundraising. Here at The Reader Organisation our aim is to raise enough money to take a group of underprivileged children on holiday. Whilst we all make plans to visit family, swap gifts and celebrate, a lot of children don’t get this opportunity and Christmas is another isolating time in which their often very sad realities are magnified.

If you can make a donation you can do so at our online donation page; if you have any queries or questions whatsoever please don't hesitate to contact The Reader Organisation's fundraising team on 0151 207 7207.

We're doing well up to now, but we need more - the call comes to you to keep on giving; anything, big or small, will make a huge difference.

1 thoughts on “Santa Dash: Training Update #2

davecookson says:

Just to avoid confusion and claims of false advertising, I’m not dashing this year, but considering I’m the most handsome person at TRO it would have been a waste to not use such good looks in a photo opportunity.

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