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September’s Stories and Poems

Written by Rachael Norris, 9th September 2020

September’s selection of stories and poems have been chosen by Dr. Clare Ellis, Head of Learning and Quality, and Lisa Spurgin, Learning and Quality Coordinator.

All of this month’s stories represent a diverse range of human experiences that span across different countries, cultures and times. Each story explores how moments of self-discovery are influenced by the people and beliefs that surround us, and how we might move and grow across social and cultural divides as well as become trapped by them. Hopefully there will be at least one here that speaks to you. 

‘Clementina’ by John Cheever

‘The Story of An Hour’ by Kate Chopin

‘The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

‘The Lover of Horses’ by Tess Gallagher

‘Neighbours’ by Tim Winton

Feeling at home, welcome and rooted where you are and going on journeys of self-discovery are ideas explored in September’s poem choices. Also apparent is a sense of perspective, and looking at things that are commonplace in a different light to see something as before undiscovered.

They are:

‘I must dig a hole’ by Anna Gual (translated by Arthur Rippendorf)

‘Cold Hill Pond’ by Michael McCarthy

‘Last Night the Rain Spoke to Me’ by Mary Oliver

‘You are always welcome’ by Jan Kaus (translated by Adam Cullen)

‘Earth’ by Derek Walcott

If you're a Reader Volunteer, all of September’s selections can be downloaded from the Online Community Hub here.

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