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Storyhunters Hunted: Clumsy the Clown

Written by Lily Kehoe, 22nd March 2024

We're making it our mission to track down all of our wonderful Storyhunters and find out a little more about them. This month, we caught Clumsy the Clown before he bounced back home after a long shift at the Storybarn.

It's so nice to finally meet you, Clumsy the Clown. Tell us more about where you came from!

Well, I used to be part of a travelling circus until one day they said I was too silly to be there. Can you believe that?! I found my home at The Storybarn when I accidentally slipped on a loose banana skin and CRASH, I fell through the big barn doors.

What a place to stumble into, how lucky! What's your favourite part of the Storybarn?

The giant hot air reminds me of all of my crazy adventures to far and wide places when I was part of the circus.

Of course, you must have lots of memories of the circus. What's your favourite story to read?
My favourite story is ‘Almost Anything’ by Sophy Henn. It’s all about a little white rabbit who believes he can’t do roller blading or play a musical instrument, until a bear teaches him that all it takes is bravery and trying something for the first time.

We'll have to add that to our list, it sounds great. And lastly, who is your favourite Storyhunter friend?

Beans on Toast is my Storyhunter bestie. We both love playing pranks on each other and joking around when we’re not making up silly voices for the characters in our favourite story books!

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