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Storyhunters Hunted: Jelly Belly

Written by Lily Kehoe, 3rd April 2024

We're making it our mission to track down all of our wonderful Storyhunters and find out a little more about them. This month, we caught Jelly Belly before she sailed back home after a long shift at the Storybarn.

It's so nice to finally meet you, Jelly Belly. Tell us more about where you came from!
Funny story - I used to live in a shoe by the seaside. I actually ate too much jelly one day, turned into a jellyfish,  slithered through a sea of custard and made my way to The Storybarn! It was quite the wobble, I can tell you.
Wow, what a journey! We like the sound of a custard sea. What's your favourite part of the Storybarn?
I love hanging out at the waterfall with my friends Octopus and Crab. We have so much fun together and it reminds me of my time living by the seaside.
Cool! What's your favourite story to read?
I love Kitchen Disco by Clare Fogues. Its all about the fruit in your kitchen fruit bowl coming to life at night for one big party. It really makes me want to get my jelly legs moving and grooving.
And lastly, who is your Storyhunter bestie?
It would have to be Scotch Egg! We both moved into the Storybarn last year and he really makes me laugh.

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