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Support the Santas!

Written by The Reader, 30th November 2012

From Niall Gibney, Community Development Apprentice

It’s that time of year again. No, I'm not talking about Christmas. No, I'm not talking about our 9th (YES NINTH) Penny Readings. Erm, can you tell what it is yet? *Rolf Harris voice*

Now If you would have said something along the lines of "The Readers Santa Dash" I'd be on the phone to the fat man in the red suit to tell him how good you've been, but then again your behaviour is marked equally over the entire year. So if you've had a bad year: (ate too much cake, not made that phone call to that naggy relative, drunk way too much) then don't worry I know the perfect remedy to win you those very important brownie points back from Mr Christopher Cringle!

Get behind our readings Santas by donating towards our apprenticeship cause!

Drumroll please for our red and blue clan...

Lizzie 'Lionheart' Cainblog photo
Dave 'Gentleman' Cookson
Ian 'Quick' Walker
Helen 'Brave' Wilson
Sophie 'Blue Sledgehammer' Povey
Ellen 'Electric' Perry
Chantel Baldry (from Essex)
Eamee ‘Blue Bulldozer’ Boden
Roisin 'Zombie Destroyer' Hyland
George ‘The Hawk’ Hawkins
Emma 'Blue' Gibbons
Niall 'should have been blue' Gibney
Lou 'LoubyJo' Jones

If the brownie points and warm mince pie feeling you get in your stomach aren't enough to make you donate a fiver then please, please read this heart-warming story from Eamee, who tells you about the real reasons you should donate to our cause today:

Thanks and Happy Christmas!

1 thoughts on “Support the Santas!

Maria Tierney says:

I’ll give Helen Wilson a fiver if she dresses as Santa at our last GIR session before Christmas at Tomorrow’s Women, Wirral. *spitsonhand* – Done?

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