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The Big Sweep

Written by jen, 25th March 2009

To mark fifty years since the death of Raymond Chandler we are giving away a special set of five Chandler hardbacks absolutely free! Reissued by Hamish Hamilton with their original first-edition cover art, the books go on sale tomorrow priced £12.99 each.


To claim this wonderful prize you must follow these instructions:

Listen very carefully. We will say this only once. Go to Liverpool Lime Street railway station on Thursday 26th March at 17:30 precisely. One of our undercover agents will be waiting. The agent will be wearing a white carnation and carrying a copy of the Liverpool Daily Post. The merchandise will be given to the first person to make contact with these words: "Excuse me. Do you know who killed the chauffeur?"

Keep your eyes peeled on this blog and our website for more clues over the next twenty-four hours.

Perhaps you're soon to meet a fair stranger?

Good luck on your mission. This message will not self-destruct.

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