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The Evening Read-In: A Christmas Carol Part 2

Written by The Reader, 1st December 2011

Are you cosy, comfortable, stocked with snacks and biscuits? We sincerely hope so, as now it's time for Part 2 of The Evening Read-In and time to listen to A Christmas Carol Part 2: The First of the Three Spirits.

Click to listen to A Christmas Carol - Part Two audio

Read along with the text as you listen or if you'd rather be surprised, a synopsis of Part 2:

Having been severely spooked and shaken by his home visit from the ghost of Marley the previous night, Scrooge awakes still in a very confused and trouble state of mind – not helped by the fact that when he wakes up, it is pitch black dark and the clock says twelve midnight; though Scrooge did not go to sleep until after two a.m. Surely he could not have slumbered for almost a whole 24 hours? The first of the three Spirits that Marley told Scrooge would visit him is due to arrive as the clock strikes one, and Scrooge can do little but contemplate its arrival – and wonder whether it is all just a very strange dream…

The first Spirit is contrary – childlike in size, but with aged-white hair and a remarkably fresh face, illuminated by the radiant light that surrounds it. Scrooge asks what it is and the Spirit replies that it is the Ghost of Christmas Past. But it does not represent the past in general; rather Scrooge’s own past. The Spirit beckons Scrooge to take a walk with it and as soon as Scrooge grasps its hand, they are transported to a completely different place, but one that is instantly memorable to Scrooge. The Spirit takes Scrooge to various Christmases from his past, varying from his lonely childhood in boarding school onto his first work apprenticeship with a very merry man and much-loved employer, Mr Fezziwig. The journey through his memories is one that Scrooge experiences as intensely real and finds highly emotional; all at once he is saddened, guilty, elated and thoughtful.

The last two stops on the journey are extremely distressing for Scrooge, and he begs for the Spirit to take him back home and show him no more – but the Spirit insists that Scrooge face up to the shadows of his past, as they cannot be changed. Having been forced to take stock of long lost opportunities – and long lost love – a struggle ensues, a light goes out and Scrooge returns to his bedroom, overwhelmed by tiredness and the events of the evening. But the second spirit is on its way…

As you're enjoying listening (which we're very sure you will be), we'd love for you to get involved and share your thoughts on the unfolding story with us live over the next hour - tweet us as well as adding #eveningreadin onto your tweets (or join our Tweet Party to see all the goings on: just type in #eveningreadin as Party Hashtag and @thereaderorg as Party Host)

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