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The Evening Read-In: Hearing is believing

Written by The Reader, 14th December 2011

It's probably not stretching things too far to say that A Christmas Carol is the story that is the most often adapted for TV and film - so much so, that it seems near on impossible to get a definitive answer as to just how many screen versions there are (even the font of all knowledge, Google, seems to be struggling to come up with something solid). Let's just say there are a lot.

Instead of searching through shelves at the DVD rental shop and clear out the entire stock of popcorn supplies in the supermarket, why not listen in to our audio of the original and surely the best version - straight from the pen of Dickens himself. Countless actors have put their own spin on Scrooge but as the Evening Readers have been discovering over the past 3 weeks it's much more fun to form your own impression of Ebenezer (with a little help from Charles, of course).

Part 4 of the classic Christmas tale will be here tomorrow at 9pm - if you're late to the Christmas reading party, you can catch up with Parts 1 2 and 3 (perfect to get you into the festive feeling). And because the Evening Read-In is all about interaction, you can chat about Part 4 as it happens on Twitter with the hashtag #eveningreadin .

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