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The Evening Read-In – one week to go!

Written by The Reader, 17th November 2011

There are just 7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes, 604,800 seconds (if you want to count them all...) to the first instalment of our very first Evening Read-In! We're all very excited here at TRO to bring this new shared and ultra-social reading experience to everyone and hope you can join us to listen along to A Christmas Carol and have a chat about it on Twitter. Put the time and date in your diary, in your phone, circle it on your calendar, stick a post-it note on your computer screen - anything so long as you can be part of the read-in proceedings.

Come to The Reader Online at 9pm next Thursday (24th November) to listen to the audio, and log-on to Twitter at the same time to have a natter about the story, Scrooge and all of Dickens' other wonderful characters. You can tweet your thoughts from your own account - don't forget to include the hashtag #eveningreadin in your tweets to be part of the action and join in the conversation - or drop us a tweet directly - @thereaderorg. Also if you want to keep an eye on the chat, you can join our live 'Tweet Party' here - just enter #eveningreadin as the Party Hashtag, @thereaderorg as the Party Host and enter your Twitter username to see all the action as it happens!

Your Thursday evenings will never be the same again!

2 thoughts on “The Evening Read-In – one week to go!

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