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The Evening Read-In: The Metamorphosis Part 2

Written by The Reader, 15th March 2012

Yes, it's that time again, 9pm on a quiet Thursday night - the perfect opportunity to join in with Part 2 of the Evening Read-In, Kafka's The Metamorphosis

Click here to listen to The Metamorphosis - Part 2

Here's a short synopsis of Part 2, or you can read the full text here as we listen.

While his family and the chief clerk are waiting for the doctor and the locksmith, Gregor is contemplating his voice and their lack of understanding of his words. Gregor decides to make for the door, so he can reveal himself to those on the other side. Reaching the door, exhausted from the struggle, he uses the adhesive on the tip of his legs to cling to it. He soon realises that his lack of teeth will make turning the key and opening the door very difficult. But in his new, alien jaw, he finds great strength; and gripping the key between his jaws, he eventually twists and opens the door.

On seeing Gregor’s new appearance – that of a giant insect – the chief clerk backs away in horror; his mother passes out in shock; his father begins to cry. Gregor remains calm and gives a long speech to the chief clerk, in honour of his job, since travelling salesmen are often made the subject of negative gossip. He asks for the truth to be told. ‘But the chief clerk had turned away as soon as Gregor had started to speak’ and continues to retreat from the apartment, not hearing a word through his horror. He makes a sudden movement and bolts.

Gregor, not wanting the chief clerk to escape, tries to catch him unsuccessfully. To his surprise he soon realises how easily accustomed he is with his new insect legs.

Grabbing a newspaper and the chief clerk’s cane, Gregor’s father drives him back into his bedroom. In the confusion, Gregor injures himself in the doorway. His father continues to drive Gregor into the room and then slams the door shut.

Don't forget to get involved and share your thoughts as the story unfolds live: tweet us and attach the hashtag #eveningreadin to your tweets - we'd love to hear what you think.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy a dramatic half hour of shared reading aloud.

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