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The Patron Saint of Bloggers

Written by Chris Routledge, 26th June 2007

It was probably inevitable that Samuel Pepys, the most famous diarist in history, should have a blog dedicated to him. Run by Phil Gyford, an actor, writer, and graphic designer, The Diary of Samuel Pepys presents the diary one entry at a time, complete with an RSS feed. Pepys was writing in one of the most turbulent periods in British history. The Civil War was a recent memory and the power struggle between republicans and royalists continued to rage. Pepys was right there in the midst of it all and many of his diary entries concern politics and major events as well as the trivia of everyday life in the seventeenth century. Gyford's excellent site includes a Pepys encyclopedia, articles and links. There is even a Pepys discussion group.

Here's the link to Pepys's diary.

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