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The Reader Race

Written by Claire Speer, 17th September 2010

Posted on behalf of Sam Shipman, Young Person's Project Manager for Get Into Reading

The Reader Organisation Team put on an amazing performance in the 5K challenge last weekend, 15 brave runners took part and all of them looked the part as well!

Still smiling, before the race kicks off

We were the only team to have a runner in fancy dress - Chris dressed as a chicken - and this got us a bit of publicity when the chicken was interviewed on the finish line.

Patrick also drew attention to us by sporting a pink t-shirt with matching pink headband and sweatband, and during an extremely out of breath interview (after beating me in a highly competitive sprint finish) he managed to drop in the sacred words 'The Reader Organisation'. Clare Williams also got a turn on the mic, her voice could be heard loud and clear over the surrounding area, telling the crowds about 'Our Read' and the 50,000 books we are going to give away.

Jane crosses the finish line in 38 min 56 sec

And let's not forget Sean, the fastest runner in The Reader team who ran so fast that none of us even saw him, he finished in 20 minutes and 45 seconds, and the bar has well and truly been set for next year.

The team with their medals

Well done to the whole team. And a HUGE thank you to all those who helped us raise money for Our Read: £1,377, and still going!

For those of you who didn't think we could do it, and were waiting to find out, you can give us your donations now, it's not too late! Visit the Charity Giving site.

See the rest of the pictures on flickr

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