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The Reader secure PQASSO Level 2!

Written by Emma Walsh, 25th November 2016

We're delighted to announce that The Reader has secured PQASSO Level 2.

"Staff and volunteers across disciplines report feeling valued by the organisation and in some cases ‘cherished’.”

PQASSO on-site report

After achieving Level 1 in 2013, assessors returned earlier this year to conduct an independent external review, evaluating a range of different elements of the organisation, including leadership and management, planning and how we manage our staff and volunteers.

The work of our staff in particular was highlighted in the report:

"The core values and beliefs of the organisation are completely embedded and this is seen through the enthusiasm, dedication and expertise of staff at all levels. The staff are a real asset to the organisation and are encouraged to grow and develop through inspirational leadership and support in a nurturing environment."

PQASSO on-site report

But what is PQASSO?

PQASSO stands for Practical Quality Assurance System for Sector Organisations. It is a performance evaluation system and quality mark for charitable organisations in the UK covering everything from governance to service delivery to monitoring outcomes.

PQASSO is managed by NCVO, and evaluations are carried out using an external evidence-based assessment process.

PQASSO accreditation recognises that the organisation has reached a higher quality standard and by achieving Level 2, The Reader is now eligible to carry an official stamp of endorsement by the UK Charity Commission, demonstrating that the organisation is well managed.


The celebratory 'Picasso' cake

"The external verification that the PQASSO kitemark brings will provide additional reassurance for our funders and commissioners that even in this difficult economic climate we are providing a high quality user-centred service, that our systems and governance are robust and that we are committed to continuous improvement. 

I’m delighted that we have been recommended for the Level Two kitemark with no actions, and couldn’t be prouder our staff and volunteers who work hard together every day forming vital connections between people and literature."

 Zoe Gilling, Associate Director Operations, The Reader

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