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Are children being let down by unsophisticated language in child literature? Photo: Johnny Mcclung

Is a new underclass of citizens being created by the ‘dumbing down’ of children’s books?

by Fran Yeoman, i News 

While Jane Davis, CEO of The Reader, a charity that promotes shared reading, doesn’t think the creation of a linguistically limited “underclass” was deliberate, “it has the same effect. As Jeanette Winterson wrote, a tough life needs a tough language; we need complex prose for complex thinking.”

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New chapter begins as local communities reap the many delights of written words

North Belfast News

Volunteer Week: Jane Davis and Jay Kennedy join Roger Phillips on BBC Radio Merseyside

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Poetry in Motion with The Reader

by Nature4Health

The group, comprised of residents and staff from nearby care homes, as well as a number of dedicated volunteers is called ‘Reading for Nature’, a poetry group for people with dementia run by The Mersey Forest as part of their Nature 4 Health programme in partnership with The Reader.

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