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More dates added to The Storyhunters!

Written by The Reader, 28th April 2017

More dates added to the storyhunters at The Storybarn (and we're open bank holiday monday!)


Hilda Von Schmunter, Expert Storyhunter here.

My Storyhunter team and I have been super busy here at The Storybarn over the past few weeks. We've met so many fantastic new Storyhunters! And my goodness there are so many wonderful stories to be found here in the magical surroundings of Calderstones Park. I've included some footage of our storytelling adventures so far...

But we're not done yet! We've decided that there must be oodles and oddles more stories out there to be hunted down and certainly more families who will make excellent Storyhunters. So we've decided to stay a little longer so we can continue our storytelling adventures and share our expert story-hunting techniques with The Storyhunters of tomorrow!

Over and out!

Due to the popularity of The storyhunters experience at The Storybarn, we're delighted to announce new dates have been added, including bank holiday monday.


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