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Three Peaks Extreme Survival on a Budget

Written by The Reader, 22nd June 2012

As one of  The Reader Organisation's Three Peaks team I've found myself spending a lot of money on equipment. If you've felt inspired to take to the hills/mountatins of the UK do not let the potential cost put you off, as I have a cost saving tip for you in the video above. Think of me as the spawn of Martin Lewis and Bear Grylls.

You can support a young care-leaver as our future Apprentice, by donating to the Three Peaks Challenge today. Just go to the Three Peaks Charity Giving page and give what you can – everything will be very much appreciated by The Reader Organisation.

4 thoughts on “Three Peaks Extreme Survival on a Budget

Vic says:

Cuckoo – You are a legend my friend. I’d pay good money to see that any day of the week. Vic x

loubyjo says:

just had a stressful night watching england on tv not to be recomended unlike your tips just hope you get a bonus in your wages for doing this as you should just for making me smile ! failing that you are a natural for programmes like blue peter

davecookson says:

Vic – you can get the DVD of Dave’s Budget Adventures £4.99, proceeds go towards me. I think Blue Peter may be a bit of a stretch Louise, I think QVC might be my level.

Ridiculous and funny in equal measure! I look forward to seeing you climb the mountains on Saturday, wearing that ensemble. In fact, I think that is probably worth extra sponsorship money from your sponsors. I’m afraid to say I have already purchased a head-torch and so will miss out on the joys of wearing underpants on my head. What a shame.

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