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Director’s Fitness Diary no 3

Written by Jane Davis, 9th September 2010

Thanks for all your comments, suggestions, support and donations!

Did another walk with some running and actually enjoyed some of it. Taking the inhaler before I leave is a good idea, and trying to do as Louise said and let deep thought happen is good too. Have realised that starting with a steep hill is not psychologically good for me so next time I am going to  go in the opposite direction, and start on the flat, at the Marina....

There's a very nice part on Caldy Hill,  where the path goes downhill through a wood ( ah, life!) and I run quite fast there, and it feels lovely and  reminds me a little of childhood - scared of falling  but enjoying the abandonment of it.


I've swum again, too - 30 lengths at WK baths on Sunday morning : that is a genuine pleasure and something I'll try to continue when this  5k is over...


Some of my colleagues are now running in fancy dress, so Lou's advice about not talking to Bears, Chickens etc seems as if it will be needed.

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