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Event: The impact of German-language culture in the UK

Written by jen, 6th June 2008

How receptive is the British public to the history and culture of its close neighbours in German-speaking Europe? Come and listen to 6 industry specialists from publishing, theatre and the art world discussing the practical challenges and cultural considerations in packaging German-language culture for a British audience. Have the fall of the wall, the increased profile of contemporary German-language film and literature in translation, and the successful hosting of the 2006 World Cup altered British attitudes to the German-speaking countries, or do representatives of all things German still find themselves battling against ingrained stereotypes? Is the dramatic decline in European language learning at British schools cementing intolerance and cultural indifference for generations to come, or might it actually increase the market for translation and specialist cultural mediation?

Featuring: Chair: Michael Schmidt, Professor of Poetry (Glasgow), editor Carcanet Press
Christoph Grunenberg, director of Tate Liverpool
Karen Leeder, Reader in German (Oxford), freelance translation and radio work
Walter Meierjohann, Associate Director at Young Vic Theatre, London
Rebecca Morrisson, Editor of New Books in German (London)

This event is a round-table discussion followed by questions from the floor. It is being held in The Auditorium at Tate Liverpool on Thursday 24th July at 5.30pm. The event is free but pre-registration is needed. Please email rebecca.braun [AT] or lyn.marvyn [AT} to book your place. To find out more information click here.

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