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Every Reader Helps

Written by stickyeyes, 12th October 2011

Well 'every reader helps' was the title of the blog post which we decided to go with, but in all truth we could have came with many more bag packing/TESCO/readings puns.

Here's a few: Bag-pack to the Future, 'Check Out'  The Reader Organisation, The Reader got 'Carrier- ed' Away, Don't get Trollyed - Get Reading, Shopping Bas-Get Into Reading and last but not least, The Reader "Aisle Be Pack" (feel free to leave your own suggestions below).

Anyway, I'm sorry for all that messing about (we were all just very excited), as last Sunday seven staff from The Reader Organisation arrived at TESCO Litherland (there's only five here, I know, but there were seven) to raise money for our young person's project work and to raise awareness for our Get Into Reading community group which has just started in their instore cafe. We raised £264! Great going for a few hours work. Thank you to the Tesco staff for being so hospitable and thank you to the good people of Litherland for being so generous.

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