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Facing your fears… and doing it anyway

Written by The Reader, 19th May 2010

Niall Gibney, who's working on our Merseyside Community Theatre project, has just returned from giving his first ever presentation (to the Deputy Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council, no less!) to show how, from his first-hand experience, it's possible for young people to be inspired and become engaged with Shakespeare, even if they don't think it's for them. He did a brilliant job, and here, he tells us about why it's so important to  face your fears...

Hello all, I got back from doing my first presentation about an hour ago. This was about getting youths involved in our Merseyside Community Theatre project. It was to Ben Dolan, Deputy Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council. It went really well… I was very nervous though. Still, now I can look back at it and say I am proud of myself, that I did it, and Jane and Niamh both said I did well too.

If I can do things like this believe me, anybody can. You’ve just got to prove it to yourself and face your fears head on!!  Get involved :-D

Be a part of it yourself - visit the MCT website to find out how.

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