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Featured Poem: From a Window by Charlotte Mew

Written by Francesca Dolan, 5th July 2021

Today's Featured Poem is brought to us by our Head of Teaching and Learning, Clare. As we enter into July we are continuing to celebrate Pride. We’ve chosen poems by LGBTQ+ authors that link with the meanings associated with the different colours of the Pride flag: red for ‘life’, orange for ‘healing’, yellow for ‘sunlight’, green for ‘nature’, blue for ‘art’, violet for ‘spirit’. Today’s choice for 'nature' is ‘From a Window’ by Charlotte Mew.

From a Window 

                  Up here, with June, the sycamore throws 

                      Across the window a whispering screen; 

        I shall miss the sycamore more, I suppose, 

Than anything else on this earth that is out in green. 

             But I mean to go through the door without fear, 

             Not caring much what happens here 

                           When I’m away:— 

How green the screen is across the panes 

              Or who goes laughing along the lanes 

        With my old lover all summer day. 

By Charlotte Mew 

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