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Frank Cottrell Boyce: Don’t let children lose sight of the pleasure principle

Written by The Reader, 23rd March 2012

Anyone who has picked up a Frank Cottrell Boyce book will know just how riveting they are - and it's not just in fiction that he manages to spin an inspiring tale.

The TRO patron has written a thoughtful comment piece for The Observer, inspired by the recent TEDx event at which he appeared alongside our very own Jane Davis and calling for a focus on reading for pleasure to overcome the 'cult of testing' that confronts many children:

"I think pleasure is a form of attention. If you can take pleasure in something – an idea, an activity – then your brain will happily entertain it for years without aim or objective. It's therefore a particularly open form of thinking that allows you to surprise yourself and the rest of humanity."

Read the article in its entirety here.

Jane also shared her experience of the TEDx Liverpool event over on her own blog: yet more illuminating reading material.

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