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Get Into Reading’s Big Birthday Bash!

Written by The Reader, 27th September 2012

As you're already aware, this month has been Sep10ber at The Reader Organisation - marking ten years since the start of Get Into Reading. We've been celebrating throughout the past few weeks, and today the jubilation is coming to a head as we hold our big birthday party.

Get Into Reading's 10th Anniversary Party is taking place this afternoon from 4-6pm in Wirral - the birthplace of Get Into Reading - and it promises to be a wonderful day. Coming along are volunteers, staff, supporters of The Reader Organisation and the most important V.I.Ps of all - lots of local Get Into Reading group members. There'll be tea, testimonials, lots and lots of reading, as well as the ingredient that no birthday or TRO party would be complete without - cake.

Even those Get Into Reading members who are unable to be there in person have been involved in helping us to celebrate, as we've been asking group members from across the country to share their memories of the past years of Get Into Reading. They'll all be pinned up on a special memory wall at the party, but here's a selection of some of the brightest highlights:

‘It's like time stands still, a tranquil moment in my week’ - Shona, Reading Room, Newton Ferrers, South Devon

'Feel cock-a-hoop since I joined the group! Great reads, kind friends, no fuss - just a lovely buzz!' - Betty Gris, Vauxhall

'You can travel and have adventures by the turn of a page' - George Norman, The Lauries

'Kindness, new horizons, commitment, generosity, respect, mutual aid, support, sharing' - Lesley Pole, Chelsea Reading Group

'Get Into Reading has inspired me and taken me to another planet' -  S, HMP Liverpool

'A not to be missed weekly intellectual and happy club. A God send!' - Jim Warbrick, Bebington Central Library

'I might mention things buried deep down that are bothering me, cos something in the story or the poem will remind me, and it like releases the pressure inside me.' - Lesley, Upstairs @ 83, Liverpool

'When you read literature or poems it brings things back to you from your own life, which you couldn’t have put into words before, and it helps us to put some of our deep things into words.'  - Nick, Upstairs @ 83, Liverpool

‘To read about a new situation
To feel a new sensation
And have great elation
Is a really new education
Thank you Reader Organisation
It’s been a real revelation’ - Terry Formby, Norris Green Library, Liverpool

We've also asked members to share their favourite poems from Get Into Reading, and there's been a plethora:

‘Adlestrop’, Edward Thomas: Such a wonderful, peaceful impression of a still, sunny afternoon in times gone by - Ann, Reading Room, Newton Ferrers, South Devon

‘The Trees’, Philip Larkin: The poem evokes promise of hope after tragedy, fresh start after failure - Tina Campbell, St James Library, Wirral

‘Friendship’ by Caroline Norton: It says how it is, how life is. I like reading. - Jean, Cartref Residential Care Home

‘After a While’ by Veronica A. Shoffstall: I like this poem as it is so true about life and you have all you need inside you, you just have to look and believe this fact. - Brenda Dyer, Chelsea Reading Group

‘Invictus’ by William Henley: A positive perspective on a very hard life! - Lawrence, Ealing Hospital

Keep your eyes on the blog for all the fun of our big birthday bash!

6 thoughts on “Get Into Reading’s Big Birthday Bash!

louise says:

Hi this is Lucy ( louises twin sister )
I would just like to say that Louise enjoyed herself at the so called party to day ! although she was abit worried that their would be no singing of YMCA so not sure if the word party was correct but she was glad she w ent , as very nearly did not as been to quite a few dos and was thinking it was like the Nativity story and you know what is coming next but you still feign surprise “no room at the inn , what a shock

She tells me she enjoyed meeting old friends (did not know she had any but still ) and was impressed by the number of people she did not know !!
The various readers all read well and especially liked Andrew telling about his life as a volunteer and how it enriched his life as well as the people he worked with !!
So she was glad she made the effort to sit in Cerys car as she was to lazy to get 2 buses but then again she got lost last time ( does not surprise me )
Their is a BUT with our Louise their is always One ,
and here it is .
It came to the moment whe it was time to eat but all that was avaliable was cake and cake oh yer some sugary biscuits < I told her she should have taken her own food being diabetic but in this time of raising obesity levels and health problems she thought surely their would be something healthy to eat and she had rushed out taking what she thought was important to take and that was herself !! and CERYS gave her book as was upset she had nothing to read !!!!
so just alittle thing to think about as since coming home she has been yukity yuk , and i am worried she will decide to stay home with me next time and I really dont think i could stand that !!
saying that I would like to say thank you for all that you do for my sister as if not for you she would be with me and that would drive me stir crazy
thanks lucy ( oh yer keep this between ourselves as dont like our lou when she is upset ) !!! and she is sure to be back to her normal self tomorrow (worse luck)

Lisa says:

Hi Lucy,

Really glad to hear Louise enjoyed herself at the party and catching up with old and new friends alike.

I’m sure Louise knows what we are like at TRO for cake, especially at a birthday party, but thanks for pointing this out; we’ll take into account when planning our next party. We hope Louise is alright and didn’t go hungry!

louise says:

THANKS lisa , yer Louise is fine ( well sort of ) think she was annoyed with herself for not bringing any thing to eat with her , It wont happen again as will ensure she takes something with her next time !!!
She has no problem with people eating cake , but thinks she is not the only one in TRO who is very cool and follows Government regualations on healthy eating !!! (she has a big head !]
Thanks again for all you do for my sister as believe me I know !! she loves you reallyj Just be thankful you only see her now and again and Let them eat lovely sugary cake but Just remember some people are boring and like Plain biscuits thanks Lucy

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[…] a time of great celebration for us – the tenth birthday of Get Into Reading – and we put on a special birthday bash in Wirral (where is all began) for 300 people, with group members joining us from all over the […]

[…] a time of great celebration for us – the tenth birthday of Get Into Reading – and we put on a special birthday bash in Wirral (where is all began) for 300 people, with group members joining us from all over the […]

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