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Half-Term Fun with A Little, Aloud for Children

Written by The Reader, 24th October 2012

One of our Charming Creatures, Hedwig the tortoise, enjoying reading The Gruffalo

It's half-term week across most of the country this week, and over on our A Little, Aloud blog we're delving deep into A Little, Aloud for Children and having a whole week of reading-related fun!

Each day, we'll be picking a theme from the book to make the most of the brilliant stories and poems in there and to really let imaginations run wild. So far, we've been completely charmed by some very Charming Creatures - including a really cute collection of Reader pets who just love to read - and have headed out to sea to do some Sailing Away, meeting The Jumblies on our way.

Today, we'll be Being Teacher - along with a face very well known to The Reader Organisation. Why not take the chance to turn the tables and have a go at being one of your teachers, perhaps by reading one of the stories or poems in the book like them?

Make sure you hop along to the A Little, Aloud blog  this week to catch all the fun - coming up we'll be flying with some Angels and gathering Round About the Cauldron. You can also join in by answering our daily questions on Twitter - @thereaderorg - looking on Facebook, or letting us know how you're enjoying reading the book over half-term, by sending us your comments, pictures or anything else! And you can enjoy reading aloud at any time, away from your computer, by opening up A Little, Aloud for Children - if you haven't got your hands on a copy yet, then the A Little, Aloud blog is also the place to be to find out more.

Happy half-term reading!

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