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Health Literacy: Making the most of health

Written by jen, 8th January 2010

3-day Conference at London South Bank University (London SE1)

24 - 26 February 2010

National and international experts will host a series of seminars to review current knowledge and discuss the importance of Health Literacy (HL) in the UK. Seminars will be interactive, with speakers and the audience reviewing current knowledge and the relevance and importance of HL in UK health, education and society.  Sessions will be recorded and proceedings of the conference will be published.

Conference Seminar Topics:Day 1

  • HL and Health Inequalities in the UK
  • The Economic costs of low HL
  • HL and productive business
  • HL and lifestyle choices
  • Using HL to support informed lifestyle choices

Day 2

  • Concepts and definitions of HL
  • Health Literacy and health outcomes
  • Assessing the impact of HL

Day 3

  • HL and communities
  • HL and lifelong learning
  • HL and evidence based health, education and social policy
Seminar format

  • What is currently known on this topic in the UK and internationally?
  • Viewing current knowledge on this topic in the UK context: how does it link with policy?
  • Interactive discussion: where to in for this topic in the UK? What do we need to know? What are the research and development questions?
Speakers includeUK: Don Nutbeam University of Southampton UK, Gill Rowlands London South Bank University,

Nicola Gray University of Nottingham, Joanne Protheroe University of Manchester, Jonathan Berry ContinYou

International: Rima Rudd Harvard School of Public Health, Scott Murray DataAngel, Canada,

Diane Levin, Tel Aviv, Israel, Deborah Begoray University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada,

Doris Gillis, St Francis Xavier University Nova Scotia, Canada Albert Lee, Chinese University, Hong Kong, Michael Wolf, NorthWestern University, Chicago, US.

Cost: £50 ($84) per day (or £120 ($200) for all 3 days)

For more information, directions and a booking form: email Alison or Saffron on tel: 020 7815 6934/44 or visit our website:

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