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Mansion House Licensing FAQ

Written by Martin Gallagher, 19th February 2019

Later this year, the Mansion House will re-open with a vibrant programme designed to help people experience literature, be nourished, develop new skills and explore their creativity.

As part of our plans to reinstate the House as a place where the local community can celebrate events, including weddings and birthday parties, and enjoy community events, such as theatre performances, we have applied to extend our current licence so that guests have the opportunity to buy and consume alcohol at these events.

Below you'll find our FAQs outlining why we’re making the application and how we’ll manage the sale and consumption of alcohol on site with the interests of local residents and park users at heart.

If you have any concerns about these plans, we’d like to hear them. To arrange a chat, please contact Anton Clarke: / 0151 729 2200.

Why does the Mansion House need an alcohol licence?
We’ve heard many wonderful stories from local people who held their wedding receptions in the House and we’re keen to revive it as a place where life’s big moments are celebrated.

From a practical point of view, hosting events will generate income to cover some of the ongoing costs of running the House, sustaining its long term future for us all, as well as supporting our wider charitable work.

Will alcohol be available for sale all the time on the premises?
Alcohol will be available for consumption at specified times during the day in the Café, as part of the improved dining experience that will be on offer, and during private and public events, such as weddings, birthday parties and theatre performances.

Will alcohol be sold for consumption off the premises?
No, the conditions of our licence won’t permit this. Alcohol purchased in the Mansion House will only be for consumption on site and in the outdoor spaces within our curtilage.

Events staff will be trained to ensure compliance with the conditions of the licence at all times and there will be appropriate signage on display to remind guests of the alcohol consumption policy. Transgressions will be dealt with by all staff on site maintaining an awareness of the effects of alcohol consumption, the requirements of the licence and our ethos.

This is a family park – what steps will The Reader take to ensure that the sale of alcohol doesn’t create anti-social behaviour here?
Rowdy, drunken parties will not be welcomed at The Mansion House. We will make this very clear in our events policy, which will set out how we expect guests to behave when they’re with us.

Anyone booking the House for an event will be required to agree to this policy along with our terms and conditions, which will include details of penalties in the unlikely event of a problem (for example additional cleaning in the House, grounds or wider park). Notices will be displayed to remind customers to be considerate of local residents and businesses, and to dispose of waste responsibly as they leave the premises.

There will also be CCTV along the internal and external boundaries of the site to detect any incidents of anti-social behaviour. All staff will be fully trained to spot the signs of intoxicated customers and how to deal with them.

How will you ensure that noise is kept to acceptable levels and local residents aren’t disturbed by people leaving the site late at night?
Following any event, staff will remain on site until all guests have left the premises to ensure that they depart in a considerate and safe manner. We’re keen to work with the local community on upholding these principles and as with our courtyard operations, we will take responsibility for listening and responding to any concerns or incidents that are reported to us.

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