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Merseyside Community Theatre Launched

Written by jen, 27th April 2010

Yesterday evening I left the office, stepping out into the glorious sunshine with several of my colleagues, and headed up to Croxteth Fire Station for the launch event of Merseyside Community Theatre: Alt Valley 2010 - Romeo and Juliet at the fire station.

Now, I've been away from the coal face for a couple of weeks, so I had very little idea about what would be facing me when I got there but I was bowled over!  Not only were there about three times the number of people at the launch event than we expected (which was great to see but we were a little worried that we may not have had enough sandwiches...), and wine on arrival but the ten minute perfomance that Neil Caple (the Director) had put together for the event was spectacular: it was held in a huge hanger at the fire station, the set was a market place (complete with fresh fruit), with cars, music and flashing lights to recreate the opening scene of Romeo and Juliet. As a taste of things to come, this has got us hungry...

If you'd like to offer funding or support for MCT, or to find out how you can be a part of it, please contact Niamh Donohoe: / 07807 106814

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