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Parting is such sweet sorrow

Written by The Reader, 27th August 2010

It's not often that I feel the need just to post a photograph up but I think you'll agree that this one of MCT's Romeo (Danyel Roberts) and Juliet (Helen Webster) is rather special...

"O think'st thou we shall ever meet again?"

(c) Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service

4 thoughts on “Parting is such sweet sorrow

Jackie says:

Congratulations to everyone involved. The whole set up was amazing and many thanks for spending three hours wathching such a powerful performance. Looking forward to the next venture.

Sue Garner-Jones says:

That photo is heartbreaking, wish I could have seen the performance! Congratulations to the actress playing Juliet; marvellous expression.

Was it the ‘balcony scene’ (as per your quote), though? It looks more like Juliet’s farewell to the banished Romeo after their one night together – I’d love to know, do tell, please!

Jen says:

No, it’s not actually the balcony scene – you’re right to pick up on that. The quote should really be: “O think’st thou we shall ever meet again?”

I should change that, really!

Sue Garner-Jones says:

Thanks, Jen – what a tribute to Helen Webster, you can read those lines in her face: wonderful!

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