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A Spine-Chillingly Successful Halloween!

Written by The Reader, 1st November 2016


As  we hang up our witch's hat for another year and put the broom to good use sweeping up the cobwebs we've been thinking back over the last week of celebrations and we wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who joined in the fun.

Our Halloween Half-term fun was a great success thanks to all the little ghouls and ghosts (and big ghouls and ghosts too!) who came along to The Storybarn to celebrate the spookiest time of the year.

We were well and truly spooked by our many visitors who came to the party dressed in fabulously frightening costumes – everything from baby pumpkins to bats and witches. We all huddled around our story cauldron and stirred it until it bubbled, full to the brim of the most horrifying ingredients our imaginations could muster… slime soup, anyone? After some spooky songs, chants and dancing, we delved into some creepy tales...

We helped Meg and Mog to cast a spell (and Meg still managed to get it wrong!), we were kept in suspense as we tried to figure out if there was any more Room on the Broom, and joined in with some blood-curdling screams throughout Aaaarrgghh, Spider!

The frights didn’t stop when the party moved into the craft studio. Our little ghouls created some terrifyingly imaginative masterpieces – there’ll be many a window adorned with collage pumpkins, ghosts with some fantastic facial expressions, and a whole array of rainbow-coloured bats! Finally, well done to everyone who hunted high and low to bravely complete our spooky book hunt trail.

 Thank you to everyone who visited us last week- you made our Halloween Half-term Party a spine-chilling success!

We looking forward to seeing you again soon in The Storybarn!


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