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Prinovis supports Vision for Business Literacy Pledge 2016

Written by Lisa Spurgin, 25th November 2015

Business Pledge (1)We're proud to have one of our corporate supporters be amongst the first to sign up to the Vision for Business Literacy Pledge 2016. Prinovis are one of 41 businesses pledging action to help raise literacy levels, boost the economy and improve social mobility by tackling the literacy challenge within the UK, joining other leading business signatories including Boots Opticians, Sainsbury's and Waterstones.

Poor literacy undermines the UK’s economic competitiveness and creates barriers to a fairer society, with up to 35% of the adult population in the country's most deprived wards lacking the skills and confidence needed to help their children with reading and writing skills. Launched by the National Literacy Forum, the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge 2016 calls on the UK business community to join the national literacy campaign and deliver tangible benefits to help close the literacy gap.

The team at Prinovis have been working closely with us in the past year, lending their support to regeneration at Calderstones Mansion and doing an amazing job of refurbishing our first sponsored Reading Room. They joined us at our AGM last month to speak about the ways in which their staff are incorporating literature into the workplace, and by committing to the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge they'll be doing even more to raise the profile of reading for pleasure and its significance for creating strong, well-equipped workforces.

The Pledge builds on the Vision for Literacy 2025, a policy document released by the National Literacy Forum in October 2014 with cross-party support. It called on the whole of society to a play a part in raising literacy levels. The Vision for Literacy Business Pledge 2016 provides a framework for businesses to take action to help raise literacy levels in the UK.

To find out more about the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge 2016 visit or download the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge 2016 brochure for the full list of the first 41 businesses to sign up.

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